Remote Computer Support & Tutoring

What Is Remote Support?


Remote support  is a secure service, which permits PC Fix Site to help you solve computer problems remotely. This can be done by screen sharing and is utilized in conjunction with phone support. This way a technician can diagnose your problem, and with a few steps to provides a solution.

Security means – You are in control of this whole procedure. We can’t access your computer without your permission. You’ll give us a “one session code” to let us access your PC and you see on your screen everything we do. You can stop that access anytime you want and nobody can get access unless you provide a new code. This works with our remote PC repair as well as tutoring.


    • Microsoft PC and Software
    • Secure Online Banking & Accounts
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks
    • Sending and receiving Email including learning how to scan and send attachments
    • Using the Internet to find information such as news, travel, health, recipes, reviews, etc.