Streaming Media

Streaming Media Devices

There are many ways to watch online content . Your Cell Phone, Tablet, computer or Smart TV all have streaming apps, You might have a Blu-ray player or game system connected with built-in streaming services. If you need or want more, you can get a dedicated media streaming device.

Among the media streamers currently available, five platforms stand out: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV,  Nvidia Shield and Roku devices. All of these platforms have on-screen menu systems and dedicated remotes so you can view whatever you want from the couch, without a mobile device to control everything. Let PC Fix Site help you pick the right one.

Choosing a Video Streaming Service

At First there was Netflix and Hulu.

Now, in addition to those two, there’s Amazon Prime Video , Sling TV, YouTube TVHBO Now, Fubo, DirecTV Now, the new Apple TV+,  and many, many more to consider. There are also many Free add-on Channels that come with different Smart TV’s and Devices. The list of available streaming video services goes on and on, and there’s no easy way for anyone to keep track of what every single one offers. We’re here to help!

Even the best comparative charts aren’t enough to explain how these services stack up against each other. PC Fix Site will help you begin to piece together a complete understanding of each service.


We will not only help you pick the right Smart TV or Device, but will help you pick the right streaming service too.

Researching and comparing every tier of subscription services is a painstaking task. Some services offer live TV, some include original programming, and some offer extra third-party streaming content like Amazon TV, Hulu, Netflix, and Apple’s new Apple TV service.

We can also help you set up and external “Media Library” hard drive to your computer or Smart TV.  Then you can store all your Movies, TV Shows, and Music or any other media to play anytime you like. Let PC Fix Site help you through this process. Call us Today.